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Terms of Service

This website, the community, and the Garry's Mod Server (the "game server" or "server") for which the website was created, is owned and operated by Dinkleberg's GMOD. Throughout the site and in these Terms and Conditions, "we," "us," and "our" refer to Dinkleberg's GMOD. The "perks" referred to herein refer to the list of things on the donation form you will receive as a result of donating the specified amount of money, or higher, and by accepting these Terms and Conditions.

The donation system used on this website is a component for communities on Garry's Mod, the website front-end's Content Management System ("CMS"). The component is know as Prometheus Donation and was created by Marcuz & Newjorciks.

By donating and accepting the "Terms and Conditions" on the donation form, you (the "buyer," "player," or "donator") accept all the policies, procedures, and terms laid out herein (the "Terms and Conditions" or "Terms").

You understand and accept that Prometheus Donation System was not created by us, and we do not take responsibility should the system fail to process your donation (the "transaction") or fail to alert us of a processed donation.
If this appears to be the case, you are obligated to alert a Dinkleberg's GMOD Staff Member of this error so that we may rectify it. You may use the forums to message staff privately or ask a staff member that is in game (

You understand and accept that a donation may take up to 24 hours to process after PayPal has cleared the transaction and, notwithstanding the terms above or other circumstances outside of our control, we are obligated to process your donation and deliver the perks stated on the donation form within that amount of time.

You understand and accept that, should you donate for somebody other than yourself, you are responsible for the perks they may receive as a result.

You understand and accept that, should you donate for somebody other than yourself and then request a refund for that donation, they will lose whatever perks they may have received as a result of that donation.

You understand and accept that donating does not make you, or the person you donated for (if applicable), exempt from the community and game server's rules and will not grant you special treatment above other players, regardless of the perks and/or rank you may receive as a result of donating.

You understand and accept that you are the valid card holder or PayPal account owner and are the purchaser for the intangible products that Dinkleberg's GMOD offers

You agree to not charge back or dispute the payment under any circumstances. If you have special circumstances and need a refund, open a support thread on this site, or contact a staff member.


If you feel as if you are entitled to a refund, please create a support ticket on this site or contact the server owner on discord (Dinkleberg#0859).